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Issue while automating PDF Form embedded in .NET application


Issue while automating PDF Form embedded in .NET application

Hello Everyone,


I am having issues while try to automate online pdf form embedded in .net application.I have downloaded the aptt from adobe site.while recording the pdf form,i am able to record the fields without any issues but i cant replay it.


The problem is the afpid property of pdf form is getting changed after every user action.So does anybody have the idea about the issue?



Looking forward the reply



Yoganathan G


Re: Issue while automating PDF Form embedded in .NET application

Please find the issue in detail below


Problem explained below : 

In one part of application, PDF form(Smart Form) is displayed wherein user has to enter values in different fields [numeric, text, drop down selection, radio button selection]  and click submit button. These forms are generated from “LiveCycle server”. For PDF form, have downloaded APTT version from adobe site. Please note APTT version 9.2 was used based on acrobat reader version mentioned below


Tools & Version :
1.QTP 10.0 & 11.0
2. Acrobat Reader v 9.4
3. APTT - version 9.2 & higher


PDF Object Recognition :

During recording/object spy we observed/played-back, PDF is getting recognized only at screen level [AVPage View]. Fields inside PDF are not getting recognized when using object spy. But during recording all actions performed in fields getting recorded. But again when i select individual object and try to Highlight, it doesn't highlight.


Object recognition hierarchy as follows :

Window -> Winobject ->PDFDoc ->AcroXFAForm --> AcroXFAForm(Smart Form) ->AcroXFAForm(page)->Acrofieldobjectname


On analysis, PDFDOC object has "afpid" property value which is alpha numeric. "afpid" property value is dynamic. "afpid" property value format(sample) is : 2w3e3r4r4r-w2e3-w3e4-q2t5-y7u6t8i9(last section count of alphanumeric values  varies every time. it is sometimes 4, 6,8,12 in length).All other child objects have static object properties. Due to dynamic nature of “afpid” property, object recognition fails. Reason being, every time user will open PDF form/ update and save, new “afpid” value will be assigned to the form.


Looking forward to the answers for below questions.

1. Is there any other way to enable object identification for PDF Form embedded within .Net application?
2. Is there any other property other than "afpid" will enable the object identification?
3. Can we get the afpid dynamically from server where the application is running?
4. Is there any other way to automate PDF Form embedded within .Net application apart from using APTT?

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Re: Issue while automating PDF Form embedded in .NET application



One of my team member faced the same problem 1 year back. The problem is that, QTP identify the entire PDF as single object. Approach which he used is as below -

-- Consider PDF as single object and copy the entire PDF file in to txt file

-- Now read txt file line wise and compare with data sheet.


I hope this will help you.