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Issue QTP 11.50 to 11.52

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Issue QTP 11.50 to 11.52

Hi I have updated my qtp version from 11.50 to 11.52 but when I execute a test case the following message appears


Cannot run test. Please check Testing Tool setup.
 Could not lock the host. Another test may be running. Try later


Please can you tell me how can I fix this issue Im new in this tool .


Thanks in advance,





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Re: Issue QTP 11.50 to 11.52

  • Try to perform a Repair installation of UFT and the ALM Add-in, and clean all componnets using the ALMUninstaller tool. Make sure the latest Service Pack and Patch for UFT are installed:

    Patch 1 for UFT 11.52: http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/LID/UFT_00056


    Ensure to Stop the Remote Agent process in order to ensure that when you launch the component a fresh Remote agent start.You can stop it from Windows Task Manager:

    Select processes tab

    Search for AQTRmtAgent.exe

    Select it and click on end process button.