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Is QTP runtime license available?

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Is QTP runtime license available?


With HP’s current license scheme, we can’t afford a lot of licenses to run our tests.  It takes several hours to run our entire suite of regression tests and uses up all of our QTP licenses.


My Question is:


Is HP offere  a run-time license — one that only allowed executing tests, not editing, writing or debugging?



That would give us faster test execution time and allow us to continue writing new tests while the regression tests run.  Please reply if that type of license is available for QTP.  Thanks.  




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Re: Is QTP runtime license available?

HP UFT / QTP comes with only two type of license (1) Seat license which is restriced to a particular system (2) Concurrent license which runs in a license server and controls the concurrent test runs.


What type of license you have and what' s the quantity?

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