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How to get license code for QTP

Vira Okuda
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How to get license code for QTP

How can I get License Code for QTP?

Maintenance Number: 1934-3251821214
Locking Code: 8-35C77
License Type: Seat License

I have installed QTP on my machine but I don't have license code and not able to find any license code.

Please advise.




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Adrian Hunt

Re: How to get license code for QTP

Try this URL I normally get a response within 24hrs
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Re: How to get license code for QTP

can you plesae guide me on how to proceed After i navigate to link https://webware.hp.com/licensinghome/hppwelcome.asp. As i dont see any option to request license on this page.

Can you please tell me how to get license key?

I have downloaded QTP 11 from HP site bt i am not able to complete its installation as it requires license key.

I have attached a document with screenshots of dialog asking license key (the dialog where the installation has stuck due to lack of license key) and the page which is displayed after navigating to above mentioned url.

Please reply asap.

Thank you. 


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Re: How to get license code for QTP

When you download from the HP site, there are options to Get Software or Get License


Select Get License and follow the steps

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Re: How to get license code for QTP



How to get  license code for QTP I have install trial version from hp site but I dont have licence Key.

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Re: How to get license code for QTP

Hi all,


How are you? I hope you are fine :)


In order to get a valid license key, you will have to have a valid maintenance agreement. This agreement contains a so called SAID (Service Level Agreement ID). The SAID is needed to show, that you have purchased the product and are entitled to support. Please note, that the SAID is different from the old Mercury Maintenance Number. If you haven't renewed your contract since then (as you specified the Maintenance Number not the SAID, I guess you haven't), please contact your Sales Account Manager.


With the SAID you can go to http://support.openview.hp.com and register. After the registration you can go to the case manager and raise a non-technical case with the Licensing department. They will verify your contract details and send you a License Key, when you are entitled to.


Please send in the case also always the Locking Code of the machine (format: 8-xxxxx).


Best regards,

Tino Pacholski

Functional Testing Support Engineer

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Re: How to get license code for QTP

I've the same issue as rizwanaidris described, I was not able to install QTP(HPUFT 11.50) with trial license.

I initially installed the product as rizwanaidris described but I was prompt to specify license.

Later, on a clean machine I've run the installation this time simply unchecking the 'Run License installation Wizard' step when 'Additional Installation requirements' was performed, but when starting the UFT I'm presented with a license error.

Installation process is not intuitive at all regarding licensing, does anyone have insight how to solve this?


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Re: How to get license code for QTP

Hi If anybody needed QTP/UFT License, please contact the mail, qtplicense@gmail.com