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How to force to close a tab in the screen

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How to force to close a tab in the screen

I am testing a banking application, I have a screen and it has tabs.

In one of the screens, When I finish with the screen, the screen automatilcalyy opens an another tab which downloads a picture in about 10 minutes (it is something like a quarantee record)


After I see my screen finished the job succesfult, I do not want to wait for this automaticaly seen tab which brings a page.


I tried many ways but QTP does not execute next line in the code until that tab finishes.


Is there a way to force QTp to do that ? I mean after last checkpoint. forcefully close a tab, or exit the test.

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Re: How to force to close a tab in the screen

Please provide more information about the application and your QTP. What is the application technology, web, java, SAP...? QTP 10, 11?

If you need to kill a process, then one option is to go through the open applications in task manager and kill the one you want. For this approach there are many different methods which can be scripted in vbs and run by QTP.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event