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HP UFT slow after script playback

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HP UFT slow after script playback

Hello guys, I'm havin a big issue with UFT 11.50 biuld 5439.


The problem is that when i open the tool everithing is normal.I can edit the script and nothing strange.


But after the playback finish i close the results and go back to the editor, the problem begins......


I cannot edit the code anymore, actually I can but each letter I type  takes about 3-4 seconds to apper on the script code.


My concern is that sometimes i cant even close UFT and I have to kill the process. The problem is that the script files may get corrupted in this process.


And also its impossible to correct scripts using the jump to step feature on the results viewer.


Anyone expected this problem.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: HP UFT slow after script playback

Try upgrading to 11.52 using UFT_00022


You can find the relevant patches here

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