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HP QTP Patch To Enable Integration with SAP Solution Manager

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HP QTP Patch To Enable Integration with SAP Solution Manager

Dear Friends,

     I just observed in one site that HP has released a patch which will enable the integration of QTP with Solution Manager.

I am pasting the link below, please confirm if it is true. It is some executable so I just want to make sure that it is an authenticated one.




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Re: HP QTP Patch To Enable Integration with SAP Solution Manager

HI Saif4u,


Few months ago, the patch for SAP Solution Manager has been released for QTP 11, you are able to download the patch from the official web page: 


http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM1377908 (Integration with SAP SolMan ),


This patch improves the support for integration between QuickTest and Solution Manager and
provides the following features, which are available when working with QuickTest tests from
Solution Manager (integrated mode):


  • SAP Context Information is displayed in the QuickTest Professional status bar.  A tool tip displays the SAP project to which QuickTest is connected.
  • The target system can be selected directly from the Record and Run Settings dialog box.  To help you do this, the SAP pane of the Record and Run Settings dialog box contains The following new options:
    1. System Data Container. A read-only setting that specifies the system data container that contains the available target systems for the current test. This option is enabled only if you open a QuickTest test from Solution Manager.
    2. Target System. A drop-down list of available SAP environments that can be tested.  This option is enabled only if the System Data Container option is selected. 
  • IntelliSense displays the information needed to define a step that automatically logs on to the target system.
  • Damaged tests are automatically displayed in the QuickTest Information pane.
  • Execution metadata can automatically be transferred to Solution Manager. You configure this by selecting the ‘Generate Test Attributes’ check box in the ‘Shared’ tab of the Solution Manager ‘Start Options’ window.
  • The Solution Manager Context that was used during a run session is displayed in the Executive Summary section of the HP Run Results Viewer.
  • Your QuickTest test can include commands that start and stop BPCA traces.
  •  Run results can be stored in Solution Manager.
  • The HP Run Results Viewer can be set to open automatically after a test runs from Solution Manager.


If you are not able to open the Patch Link, please refers to the following post: 




Hope This Helps.

Juan Pablo Muñoz
HPE Technical Account Manager

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