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Getting error in chrome browser using xpath in dp

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Getting error in chrome browser using xpath in dp



msgbox Browser("login.xhtml").Page("base.xhtml").WebElement("xpath:=.//*[@id='mainForm:j_idt149_data']/tr[2]/td[3]/div/label").GetROProperty("innertext")


When I run above statement in IE or in firefox ,it runs fine and message box show the value but when i run the same in chrome browser it throws error shown below.


Cannot identify the object "[ WebElement ]" (of class WebElement). Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application.

Line (153): "msgbox Browser("login.xhtml").Page("base.xhtml").WebElement("xpath:=.//*[@id='mainForm:j_idt149_data']/tr[2]/td[3]/div/label").GetROProperty("innertext")".




Could any body help me to resolve above problem in chrome browser.



To regenerate the issue again ,plz follow below steps:

Step 1: Launch QTP

Step 2: Open 'www.gmail.com' url in either IE or in firefox browser.

Step 3: Now run this below line in QTP:

msgbox Browser("name:=Gmail: Email from Google").Page("title:=.*").WebElement("xpath:=.//*[@id='quota']").GetROProperty("innertext")


Step 4: You will get value in msgbox.

Step 5: Now if you follow above same steps for chrome browser (instead of IE/firefox)  ,then it throws error.  WHY?




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Pradeep Singh

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Re: Getting error in chrome browser using xpath in dp

I have the same problem.

With the HPSW support, I update QTP to UFT 11.5, then xpath based object can be identified in Chrome v24.
If QTP needed only, I think you should submit a defect ticket.


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Re: Getting error in chrome browser using xpath in dp



What is the Chrome version you are using and which QTP web patches you have applied?




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