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Connect / disconnect / mange users connections to UFT

Phil Comley
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Connect / disconnect / mange users connections to UFT

Hi Gurus,

MY company has 5 concurrent licences and there are more than 3 departments using UFT.

Is there any way to coneect/ disconnect the users (as in Siteadmin sort of thing in ALM) to manage the licences as we have to free up the licence for other testers who are waiting to use the tool.

BTW Im on UFT 11.52

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your support



Trudy Claspill
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Re: Connect / disconnect / mange users connections to UFT

The way concurrent user licensing works in UFT is that as long as the UFT application is running it will send a "ping" to the license server periodically so that it can hold on to the license.


There is nothing available from the Sentinel RMS License Manager software (that I've found) that would allow you to selectively reclaim the license for a particular client.


There are some other options, though.


You can look into creating license reservation groups to allocate a limited number of licenses to each department (based on the user names of the users in those departments). Let's say between the three departments you granted Dept. #1 two reserved licenses, Dept. #2 also got two reserved licenses, and Dept. #3 got one reserved license. Each department would never be able to use more than the number of reserved licenses allocated to them.


Another option you could look at is making the license server inaccessible on the network and instead using commuter licenses.  In that case you would create a "portable" license with an expiration date and give that license to a specific user. If you kept the license server itself off the network, the user would have to come back to you whenever the license expired to get a new one.  You would not be able to generate more commuter licenses than total licenses you have available.

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