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Asset Upgrade Tool - Migrating from QTP 10 to QTP 11 with QC ALM 11

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Asset Upgrade Tool - Migrating from QTP 10 to QTP 11 with QC ALM 11

Earlier we used QTP 10 with ALM 11. Now we are upgrading QTP to QTP 11. Running scripts from ALM ends in an error saying that "TEST[Quality Center]... doesn't exist". I know that to overcome this we have to upgrade the QTP test assets in QC. But I am not sure about the working of Asset Upgrade tool. 

Please suggest me some ideas to solve this issue.

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Re: Asset Upgrade Tool - Migrating from QTP 10 to QTP 11 with QC ALM 11

Hi Vinod ,


Whenever there is change of QTP version , QTP scripts need to be upgraded to the higher version.

So your scripts created in QTP 10 has to be upgraded to QTP 11.


If you were not using ALM and if you have a QTP 10 script stored in Local disk , then when you open this QTP 10 script is QTP 11 , you will receive a warning saying that the script needs to be converted to QTP 11.


When ALM/QC comes to picture , you can do that same. Open your QTP 10 scripts from ALM  in QTP 11. Convert it and save it back. But this is very time consuming. So here Asset upgrade tool comes into picture.


Asset upgrade tool should be used only when QTP scripts are saved in ALM. It is used to upgrade all QTP assets from older version to a new version of QTP.


There is a KB article related to this in HP support site . Here is the link for the same : http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM896902


You can access the link if you have a HP support contract. It gives you more information.


COming to your error message , create a new script in QTP 11 and save to ALM. Run this new dummy script from ALM.

See if the ossue occurs. This will help to know if the issue is with QTP 11 scripts or if its only with QTP 10 scripts.





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