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2 ideas to facilitate opening and running UFT tests.

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2 ideas to facilitate opening and running UFT tests.

Sometimes I feel it annoying to have to take the time to open the UFT IDE, select the add-ins and then open the test when I need to run a test. I know these moves are not necessary because in most cases I know I don't want to make any changes and I don't care about the scripts. Why don't we make it easier to run the test just like showing the PowerPoint slides? We can add an entry in the context menu that pops up when right clicking the test. It'll be a much more convenient way to run the tests.


Another scenario is that we always have to open the UFT IDE first, select the add-ins which can possibly be used by our tests, then open the test. It can always lead to errors when we don't quite remember the required add-ins for the tests. I suggest UFT provide an approach that we can open a test by simply double-clicking on the project file within. Then UFT loads the required add-ins and open the test automatically.


Above are two ideas that can possibly facilitate user operations while working on UFT. And both of them are not difficult to implement. I just want to take a survey here. If many people think they are good-to-have features maybe they can draw the attentions of the product team. So please kindly express your opinions regarding to the 2 ideas above. Any suggestions are welcomed to complement the ideas or solve the dilemma on the mentioned cases.


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