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ucmdb probes is disconnecting

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ucmdb probes is disconnecting



We have 2 ucmdb probes 'connected' to our ucmdb server. Lately they have started disconnecting one at a time, so only one is connected, and the other one is disconnected. It seems that they are taking turns, switching state from connected to disconnected. Yesterday one was showing status disconnected, today it is connected and the other one went down.


If i click the "refresh" button for a disconnected probe, it is somehow still able to get number of running jobs/threads from that, and does not give any errors.


I have tried stopping and starting the Data Flow Probe on both probes and the CMDB service on the ucmdb server. I have also restarted both probes and the server.


This started to happen after i patched our BSM servers to version 9.24.


Is this a bug? or do you know of any way to fix it?