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uCMDb 10.22 - Load Testing tuning information

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uCMDb 10.22 - Load Testing tuning information



  We are  planning a load testing of a uCMDB 10.22 platform with an external Oracle Database.

We have defined the architecture following the standard uCDMB 10.22 sizing guide but we want to go deeper.

I am looking for uCMDB/JMX tuning information recommendations around:

  • Oracle Jdbc pool
  • Heap size
  • Threads

Could you share with me your experience and recommendations ?

Best regards,



Dima Gomel
HPE Expert

Re: uCMDb 10.22 - Load Testing tuning information


I would suggest from the creation of a baseline with OTTB configuration.

Then, decide of a targets. This will give you an idea where you are.

Please be aware that UCMDB is havily depends on many parameters not related to general application parameters.

A reconciliation (a data-in) is single-threaded process. The main reason is using of RDBMS. As result, a size of a reconciliation map and size of chunk comming to data-in playing very important role in data-in throughput.

Another performance eater is SOLR engine used for advanced search for UCMDB browser and Advance Service Modeling. For high performance system, it should be either turned off or moved to the separate box (available as an option from 10.30).

Amount of active TQLs, active Enrichments are another points to improve the situation.

Hope it helps. 


-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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