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uCMDB to SM 7 integration

Muzammil Ahmed
Super Collector

uCMDB to SM 7 integration

I have integrated AM 5 to uCMDB to SM.

I integrated uCMDB to SM, integration works fine i pushed the data from uCMDB to SM without any problem.
Then deployed the AM packages to uCMDB. Since then uCMDB to SM is not working fine. Below is the error i encountered.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed decoding/encoding bytes[] attribute [calculated_id]
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.fcmdb.spi.data.query.types.PropertyImpl.getPropertyStringValue(PropertyImpl.java:73)
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.XsltTransformer.addAttributes(XsltTransformer.java:237)
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.XsltTransformer.toTree(XsltTransformer.java:204)
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.XsltTransformer.toTree(XsltTransformer.java:218)
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.XsltTransformer.toDocument(XsltTransformer.java:127)
... 104 more


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Anilkumar M
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Re: uCMDB to SM 7 integration

Hi Muzammil,

Even i'm facing the same issue. Did u find the solution?

Thanks and Regards,
Anil kumar M
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event