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uCMDB report urls

Rob Griffiths U

uCMDB report urls

Hi, I'm new to the forum and the HP uCMDB.

I'm wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue with the URLs generated by a uCMDB report. Within my company the report URLs are used within a bespoke application and due to the character length limit within the app, it cannot display the reports as the URls generated are to long. (I have asked if the character length in the app can be increased and that isn't an option due to the age of the app!) Is there away in the uCMDB a shorter URL can be generated? or any suggestions on allowing shorter URL's. At the moment I am looking at Mod-Alias on the apache server!



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Alexander Arkhi
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Re: uCMDB report urls

I believe you would better go with Mod-Alias on apache server or find another "shorten URL" alternative. There's no OOTB way to get the shorter URL.
You can also submit an ER, though.