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uCMDB question: Owner of a node. Attribute or relationship???

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uCMDB question: Owner of a node. Attribute or relationship???

Hi all

We are dealing with the requirement that our customer would like to associate the owner of a physical server with the CI of type Node i uCMDB. Means each CI Node should contain the information of the person who owns the machine in the organization. Currently i see two options for this.

Attribute: The name of the owner is being stored as a attribute with the CI itself (type Node).

Relationship: The owner of the server (Node) is represented by a single individual CI (type not yet clear). The ownership of the server (Node) is stored in uCMDB by adding a relationship between the Node and the CI representing the person (owner).

From my understanding i'd say both are valid options. But i can imagine, that one offers more flexibility. As for example a machine could potentially have two or more owners for whatever reason. So i would personally think adding a single CI for each owner and then building a relationship for each would be more flexible.

But i'm open to any other suggestion. Also what CI type is best to use to represent a person in a organization?

Thanks for the help. Points will be awarded.




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Alexander Arkhi
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Re: uCMDB question: Owner of a node. Attribute or relationship???

Using the owner represented by connected CIT makes more sense and gives more flexibility - you can store additional information about the person, who owns the node, tie the person to the group/organization, etc.
Additionally, whenever needed, you can leverage the Person - Node relationships, storing certain information there (ownership type, duration, expiration date) and define aging, so by default the ownership is going to expire within xxx days.

Ms Black
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Re: uCMDB question: Owner of a node. Attribute or relationship???


I faced a similiar kind of situation.
I ended up by creating the Attribute (Server Owner Name) & then did the bulk upload for the server owner names.

Also its a very tedious process & is not very flexible, but HP only came up with solution.

In case of two owners I didvided the view based on Application,Database,Windows Servers etc..

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event