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uCMDB probe dynamicport range

Stefano Ferri
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uCMDB probe dynamicport range


I would to know if there is some settings for manage the dynamic ports range that uCMDB probe use for discovery, my issue is that my main probe does many connections and after some days I receive this error:

No buffer space available (maximum connections reached?): connect

Now I have tried to increase the port range of operating system (windows 2008) to 20000 available dynamic ports, but I would to know if I can control a similar settings to the uCMDB probe.



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Re: uCMDB probe dynamicport range

Where do you get this error ?

What is the range of the IP you are trying to discover ?



From the ucmbd probe perspective, we really dont require port range to be opened for.


It is required to have ports opened for WMI,snmp,shell protocol, ohter than this it dont require this.



The error which you mentioned, might be for different reason. We need to find out the root cause of the issue.