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uCMDB --> SM 7 integration

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uCMDB --> SM 7 integration


I am a little bit confused with HP instuctions considering about the uCMDB SM integration. I have follwed to the letter the instructions told in the HP Universal CMDB to HP Service Manager Integration Guide.pdf.

1. Added the CI Type to the class model under the SM Device(SM iPhone)
2. Created the SM Link between iPhone CIT and SM iPhone CIT.
3. Created the TQL to syncronize the CI type, iPhone CIT as root and Sm Link between SM iPhone.

After creating the the TQL in Query Manager I calculated the results and it shows that I have zero SM iPhones and zero iPhones, although there are over 200 phones in the uCMDB. Where did I go wrong?


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Re: uCMDB --> SM 7 integration

Sounds like a classic cardinality or custom attribute issue in your TQL.

Difficult to solve with seeing the TQL, can you post a screen shot of your integration TQL, showing teh attributes and cardinality tabs?

The comapre this to the iPhone CIs and related CIs.