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uCMDB - get specific info out of Oracle DB

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uCMDB - get specific info out of Oracle DB

Hello all


first of all, I apologize if this message is not in the correct place. I'm not a uCMDB admin and this is the first time I'm on the new forum. I'm not used to it and I'm a little lost at the moment, the old style was dated but a little bit more clear to me.


Anyway. I'm a Unix system engineer, and I know enough SQL to get data out of Oracle. However I do not know uCMDB and there's a lot of tables in there!


Here's what I'd like to figure out (consider all settings default, like user, table names etc) :


- in which user/table/column can I find the latest discovered info on a host?

- OS (I'm only interested in Unix/Linux hosts)

- purpose (Oracle / SAP / ...)


It might be a broad question, I don't know.


Thank you for the assistance either way!



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Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: uCMDB - get specific info out of Oracle DB

You are on the wrong track. You are NOT supposed to search any info in DB tables directly. UCMDB DB tables structure is not exposed to customers. The correct way to extract any info out of UCMDB (apart from UI, of course) is using UCMDB API (Web Service API or Java API).

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Re: uCMDB - get specific info out of Oracle DB

Hi Dmitry


thank you for your reply. I'll only be doing selects, only reading. I have no use for writing to any DB and I'm limited to shell scripting so I can use SQL easily.


Using a JAVA api is, according to me, like shooting a mosquito with a canon. Too much for what I need. I need just one (granted, probably long) select statement to get some info. The uCMDB is the most up-to-date source so it would be nice to get up-to-date info.


I'm willing to have a look at the java API (I'll look, but if anyone can provide a link that would be nice), however I'm hoping someone is still willing to help me out here with the SQL/tables I need.


In my view, it's still just a database and I'm not killing anyone by making a simple select.