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uCMDB data modelisation

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uCMDB data modelisation

I try to export CMDB data directly from SQL server to my Excel sheet.

I anderstand MLD is constructed with inheritance class.
But I have some problem to find attribut for my CI type : Logical_application whitch is member of "Business" CIT.
I want to find data_name in CDM_Logical_application but it isn't (I have only cmdb_id and appid). I try to search in CDM_BUSINESS & CDM_IT_WORLD class but there is no trace of my data_name.

Some has experience of it & know whitch table contain that field ?

Thanks for your help



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Amit Erental
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Re: uCMDB data modelisation


Why not using one of the UCMDB APIs (instead of working directly on the DB) ?

have a look at the Solutions and Itegrations guide (help->doc library), HP UCMDB WebService and Java API sections.
Alexander Arkhi
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Re: uCMDB data modelisation

I would suggest you to refrain from drilling down into UCMDB's DB as its structure is a subject to change without any notice, hence solution you're going to build won't work going forward.
Instead (as already mentioned above), you'd better build your solution on usage of UCMDB Java/WebService API