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uCMDB csv export problems

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uCMDB csv export problems

Hi Guys,


i have an interesting puzzle that I cannot work out.


I have built a report based on on a view for windows servers:


HOSTNAME, OS, Drive Label, FilsystemSize


Everything is all in order. The DISTINCT functions is applied to Filsystemsize from the reports, which basically lists the contents of that attribute (i.e. C drive=10245, D Drive=55698, etc).


When I preview the data for csv export, the report has something very strange. it has reversed the filesystemsize values. so in the report when you see the "C,D" for drive values, the filsystemsize values are the opposite way around, i.e. shows me D Drive first, then C drive.


I will demonstrate below with an example:


HOSTNAME              OS                Drive Label                 FilsystemSize

win123.domain       Win2008             C,D                        55123, 20565


You can see here that the first filsystemsize entry is for the larger disk, the Drive D and the OS disk is the 20GB disk.


Hopefully this makes sense to someone. I tried investigating the attributes for filesystemsize, but I cannot find any setting which forces the report to list or DISTINCT data in such a manner.


Any ideas ?




Steve B Purdie



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