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uCMDB browser ver 4.0 question

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uCMDB browser ver 4.0 question



First of all A+ for the new uCMDB browser look and feel.


Couple of questions about the direct links.

In uCMDB I can hide the navigation by adding navigation=false to the url. Is there something similar with uCMDB browser. Widget is something i am looking for but I didnt find report widget. How can i acheive this?

In uCMDB I can modify the drop down menu for a CI. So we created for business service a link to service level agreement documentation.  Is it possible to modify the browsers dropdown menu?

And last we have some uCMDB report links which have login data embedded into the link. The user has only rights to see those reports. (generic reports to see what services we offer etc) - I tryed with the same user account, it said that it doesnt have rights. in uCMDB I saw i could give rights to widgets, but i didnt see again report module or something similar. How can I achieve this?