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uCMDB attribute comparison and population


uCMDB attribute comparison and population

Good day,

We are about to perform an integration between uCMDB (10.10) and RTSM .
The idea is to populate the UCMDB with CIs from the RTSM, but due to the nature of this CIs
we are afraid the reconciliation process won't match/merge some of the CIs, so we decided to do the following:

On the uCMDB CIs we want to add an attribute called "RTSM_NAME" which will contain
the name of its corresponding RTSM CI. (this will be populated with a script)

The statement before brought 2 questions:

1. If it posible for the reconciliation process to compare attributes named differently?
ex. compare: RTSM.attributeX with uCMDB.attributeY

2. If option a is not an option, we would need to add the same attribute (RTSM_NAME)
to the CIs on the RTSM. Is it possible to establish the default value of this attribute to match the value of another atribute?
ex.: RTSM.attributeX = RTSM.attributeY

We are talking about thousands of CI's so we want to avoid populating this attributes manually.
Are any of thi options possible? Do you have any other suggestions to ensure the reconiliation to succede?