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uCMDB Upgrade Error - v9.05 to v10.01

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uCMDB Upgrade Error - v9.05 to v10.01

Working on an upgrade of uCMDB v9.05 to v10.01.  While the upgrade.bat was running, I got an error while the Authorization Upgrader process was running.  The error is ErrorCode [-2147483648].  Did some checking on the net and noticed that several folks have experienced this error but not necessarily with this upgrade.  I also read that this was a common error on v9.05 with Oracle databases....which is the database for this uCMDB installation.


Any ideas on what/if anything I can do to finish the upgrade?  What this error means?






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Re: uCMDB Upgrade Error - v9.05 to v10.01

upgrader log will help to find the root cause of the problem.

Re: uCMDB Upgrade Error - v9.05 to v10.01

We have the Same exact issue with this Upgrade installation ,But When we tried to perform upgrade using new DB schemas (without any previous data in it )It works fine ,Also We had performed this activity from 9.03 to 9.05 to 10.01 no issues Noted while doing this .


We have raised a ticket with HP R&D they suspect that some of the attribute or Table size is too much to handle while perfoming the upgrade (not yet confirmed ) Also w are trying one more step of increasing the DB schema size by 250% as stated in HP deployment Guide


Will keep you posted on this if we find a concrete answer for this



Re: uCMDB Upgrade Error - v9.05 to v10.01

Hi Folks


Here is good News We finished our Upgrade with certain Changes on DB structure which we are not supposed to be doing on the intial Class Model DB structure Tables (out of box settings).


Atleast In our Case we had emptied few Table columns and Changed thier Size back to Default Out of box and then in  one Shot run from 9.03 to 9.05 to 10.01 finisnhed with all the data intact (Still Smoke Test is not performed from our side )


If I can Think straight i would suggest you folks to compare the DB Table Structure changes from out of Box to existing one then run your upgrade it should not be an issue


Or Install new Version in Empty DB then compare the structure .


Cheers :)


Re: uCMDB Upgrade Error - v9.05 to v10.01

Hi Ron,


We had some issues too and R&D provided us a patch to fix it. We had to install the patch, this will copy onto the Directory couple of folders called classes and objects and then  had to manually fine tune "bridge.xml" file. Changing some line of codes in the XML.


Make sure you have all Permissions set for the DB and you must be able to upgrade.


We had a partially upgraded DB and hence we were getting the error.


Additional note:


Version 9.05 should not return any values or tables when you run the select * from URM_RESOURCES table

This table is available only in 10.01 version.



Thank you.




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