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uCMDB Server to Probe connection problems


uCMDB Server to Probe connection problems

We use uCMDBB 10.11 with CUP2 and CP14 Upd. 3. We have an issue with a probe now. We had 3 probes running with an http connection to the server. We installed certificates and 2 probes are now connected to the server using HTTPSWithClientAuth. The third probe cannot connect to the server anymore. We tried to go back  to http for this probe and set the port for mam-collector like this:





Component Name

Same as

Setting Name


Valid Ports

Current Mapped Ports





Data collectors (probe)





We also changed the settings in AdapterFlowProbe Properties File back to http. As far as I unterstand this, those probes who have no certificates installed and their connection settings set to http  shoul use http now. But the probe is still unable to connect to the server.


We have  posted the WrapperProbeGW file here. It contains a few entries but we are not sure which are related to this problem. 



Can somebody explain how this really works?

Does somebody have such an mixed environnement (some probes connectiong using http and some https_with_client_authentication? Can somebody confirm that this works?


Can somebody give an advice how to check if all certificates are properly installed?


Re: uCMDB Server to Probe connection problems

it looks like that a "mixed-setup" is not possible. Maybe we have not understood the documentation or it's simply misleading or incomplete.

Roy O Gatewood_
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Re: uCMDB Server to Probe connection problems

I don't think client authentication works without SSL (https)

UCMDB will work http and https at the same time though.

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