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uCMDB SQL server discovery

Merry M
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uCMDB SQL server discovery


I need to collect database and SQL information about SQL clusters. I have the correct credentials and permissions created on the database and tested the credential successfully. The problem i am having is when running the MS Cluster by NTCMD, it discovers the active instance nodes and not the actual cluster server. For example, i run the discover on IP for the SQL cluster but the result is one of the nodes. This is true when i run the Host connection by WMI also.

So when I run the MSSQL Server Connection by SQL, it fails with Failed to Connect to all protocols. Why isn't the MS Cluster by NTCMD discovering the actual cluster server so I can discover the DB instances, tables and configuration files etc?

We are running uCMDB 8.04 on windows and Content Pack 6.

Please advice.




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Re: uCMDB SQL server discovery


I have the same problem. If you have the solution, please let me know.

Thanks in advance....
Merry M
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Re: uCMDB SQL server discovery

You need to upgrade to CP 8. That will fix the issue.
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