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uCMDB Operating Discovery

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uCMDB Operating Discovery

Just discovered 85 Wintel CIs. After comparing them to our current CMDB I noticed that the uCMDB is not picking up the release version of the operating system.

For example:
Server abcd124 has Windows Server 2003 R2 installed. uCMDB found server abcd1234 running Windows 2003 5.2.3790 Server Standard Edition.

What does R2 represent?
Is it importantant?
Anyway to modify uCMDB to find the "R2"?



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Alexander Arkhi
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Re: uCMDB Operating Discovery


Depending on which version you're running, DDM goes through registry & parsing of "ver" command output in order to retrieve operating system version.
If you find the R2 information useful for you and you're sure which attribute should hold this information, you could simply modify the Jython script (regular expression within it) in order to parse "R2" as well and populate the CI attribute.

However, uCMDB relies more on the OS build itself, thus i think that 5.2.3790 is most important for you.