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uCMDB Help Required

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uCMDB Help Required

Hi I'm new to this community so apologise if I'm in the wrong place to ask my question?


I've recently joined a Config Management Team preparing uCMDB Database for go live. I've had limited training apart from basic online overview of the product etc. Therefore my troubleshooting skills need some developement


My question is about a Probe Server that keeps disconnecting from  the uCMDB and I need to kow how to identify the cause.


We are running uCMDB 10.1 with latest CUP upgrades. There are two physical probe servers but the issue is only occuring on on probe and the software has been recently re-installed to try and eleviate this issue. The only other thing I can mention is that apart from DDMA discover which is working ok, it is also running an integration job.


Any help or advise appeciated






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Re: uCMDB Help Required

Hi Phil

No worries :) You will find lot of Angels in this Forum to bail you out :)

As far as your Issue is Concerned please stop Integrations Services first, if it exists on the same Server where Probe is installed its not supported architectture.

Also please eloborate the details further

Hope this helps :)