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uCMDB Federation error

Jim Van Leuven
Super Contributor.

uCMDB Federation error


I've federated an sql database into uCMDB 8.04 (Windows). When I select any of the federated CI's (doesn't matter if I federate to custom or out of box CIT), I get the following error;

The object doesn't exist in the model. Might have been deleted.

It then wont display the relationships, or anything for that matter, in the map mode view but I'm able to see the properties in the information pane, including all of my mapped attributes, all of which have successfully federated.

If I go into view manager, then select the CIT in the right, then select Show CIT Instances, I'm able to see the information without error.

Does any body know how to fix this error?

Thank you



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Alexander Arkhi
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: uCMDB Federation error

Well, you didn't specify that, but I suppose that you're getting this error in IT Universe Manager (or Topology View), since the default behavior for it is to bring "related CIs from the database", which is basically impossible for federated CI Type.

Hence, this is just a behavioral problem that you can simply ignore, unless it is more than just bothering/nagging.

Jim Van Leuven
Super Contributor.

Re: uCMDB Federation error

I thought it was something along those lines...seems there is supposed to be an appropriate message to advise that the mappings are not available for federated CIs. I'm using uCMDB 8 and performing the exact federation and steps with a 8.04 install, I received the correct message...

Eithe something with 8.00 or an issue with my particular install...