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uCMDB Federated Fail

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uCMDB Federated Fail

Hi All,


i have question about uCMDB 8.x integration with AM and SM.

i has ucmdb new install for develop.

i want to uCMDB develop integration with AM and SM same uCMDB production.

i tried copy adapter folder AMDBAdapter and ServiceDeskAdapter from ucmdb production,then i has past and replace 2 folder into ucmdb develop.

then i start service ucmdb for develop and setting Datastore and test connection am to ucmdb it pass. but ucmdb to sm fail message "General error in data store "ucmdb2sm" .

then i try full replicate am to ucmdb has fail not succeded

i want to know you have step for integrate AM and SM from production to ucmdb develop. i need to ucmdb develop same ucmdb production.