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uCMDB Discovery Step by Step

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uCMDB Discovery Step by Step

Hi Experts,

I am new to uCMDB and we have a requirment to perform inventory & infra discovery for our client.

Can any one guide me on how to proceed or provide some document which has Step by step process..

i have gone through HP Discovery & Integration guide, but it does not gives clear idea on how to proceed..

much appreciate, if some one can guide..:)



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Re: uCMDB Discovery Step by Step

HI Ashu,

For the discovery, you can go to the help of the ucmdb.

They have all the methods on how you can discover the infrastructure.

This is what i did when i start the discovery. :) 



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Re: uCMDB Discovery Step by Step

Yes indeed, the integrated help page in UCMDB is very clear and easy with information for every integration/discovery module. Read these and start slowly by building discovery jobs.

First some network discovery's, then some DNS resolving, then traying basic inventory using shell and so on.

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Re: uCMDB Discovery Step by Step

Hi Ashu,

Here is the public online help document for UCMDB and its Content Packs. You could use it to find the information about the discovery jobs you want to run.



Taking discovering VMware Infrastructure as an example:

1. Search "vmware" in the online help and you should be able to find the following chapter.


Here it gives you an overview about discovery VMware Infrastructure and the whole discovery process.

2. Some tips hopefully could help you during your discovery process in general

  • Search both UCMDB and CP (Content Pack) documents
  • In UCMDB UI, You could search jobs you want to run via Universal Discovery->Discovery Modules/Jobs->find
  • In UCMDB UI, After choosing one job, Discovery job details and help button could help you understand the job better.


  • Usually, discovery process starts with job Range Ips by ICMP, because this job's output is ipAddress and lots of critical               jobs need ipAddress as input. Before you run Range Ips by ICMP, you should add ip in Data Flow Prob Setup -> Domains         and Probes. Choose you probe and add ip in Ranges.


  • If job failed, you could check error message and it will tell you what is missing.


Just try to start discovery, Discovery job details, help document and error message would be helpful during the process.


Best Regards,