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uCMDB/DDMi Federation

Ali Cheikh
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uCMDB/DDMi Federation

Hi Everyone,


I have implemented uCMDB 9.05 and integrated it with DDMi 9.32 and populated uCMDB with data from DDMi through Integration point and the out-of-the-box "genericDBadapter" but the default integration only populates Node, Interfaces and IP Addresses.


So i wanted to federate the rest of the node components CIs (CPU, Filesystem, InstalledSoftware) and it seems the federation is not working.


I have configured the integration point as mentioned in the CP10 guide.


Any clues?


Thank you.


Ali Aden.

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Re: uCMDB/DDMi Federation

Hi Ali Aden,


I'm also trying to do this. 


Did you managed to find any solution for this?





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Re: uCMDB/DDMi Federation

I had it working in my test environment before.  I was able to import CPU, FileSystem and InstalledSoftware CIs from DDMi to uCMDB.  You have to make sure that you have 2 mappings for the CI type you're importing in your mapping file - orm.xml,  1) for the CI type (say CPU) and 2) for the relationship between node and CPU.  Each should have it's own "entity" tag in the orm.xml.  Also, make sure that you're using the correct table for the CI type that you're importing as well as the column names that you're mapping to and the primary keys of the table.


Hope this helps!