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uCMDB/DDM Unrecognized router after discover.

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uCMDB/DDM Unrecognized router after discover.

Hello Folks,

I'm working on uCMDB/DDM 9.03 .

I launched all possible discover job on my probe. uCMDB don't get CI Router and CI Switch. After made jobs "Host Connection by SNMP" on Router and Switch ucmdb created Node CI with different ip address and network in place to create Router CI and Switch CI.

What is process for discover router/switch?
I must define by myself what node is router or switch? How?

I got also on problem with using nmap on discovery job, it's installed, it work perfectly but prove return this error "<< Progress message, Severity: Error>>
localshell: Internal error. Details: Nmap is not installed on Probe machine". I tried different version of nmap but nothing change.

I hope that you will be able to help me.


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Re: uCMDB/DDM Unrecognized router after discover.

I success to solve my problem with router and switch.
Solution was to edit the following xml to add information about my router and switch. "C:\hp\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\runtime\probeGateway\discoveryConfigFiles\oidToHostClass.xml"
After discover again all was good.

I continue to be unable to use Nmap with probe. I hope that someone have idea of problem.
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Re: uCMDB/DDM Unrecognized router after discover.

How do you modify the xml?

<oidToHostClass class="router" vendor="Cisco" model="AP1100" oid=""

serial="1234566"  />



Can I add the serial number?

Jason Montero
HP UCMDB Software Support

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