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uCMDB/DDM RFC Connections between SAP System and Host

Andy S
Super Collector

uCMDB/DDM RFC Connections between SAP System and Host

I have DDM/uCMDB 8.01 software and I am trying to create a basic map showing what SAP system has RFC connection to at other SAP System.
For example - SAP System AS1 is on HOST1 and AS2 is on HOST2. Now I see a RFC connection between AS1 and HOST2. HOST2 contains SAP ABAP Server which in turn is member of SAP System AS2. The RFC connection defined in AS1 is actually pointing to AS2. How do I draw a connection beween AS1 and AS2? I tried creating virtual join as well as compound join, but the link count shows 0 whereas all other CIs come up fine. Meaning my preview shows no connection between AS1 and AS2. How do I establish this connection?



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