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uCMDB Browser 4.12 export error

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uCMDB Browser 4.12 export error

We're running our uCMDB Browser (version 4.12) on a standalone server, connected to uCMDB 10.22. I've created a report that lists multiple nodes as well as related IP nodes. When I try to export the file to anything other than an xml file I get the following error:

"Export An error has occurred. The url to the generated file is null."

Up until this week we were still using the native browser on the application server which was version 4.01 I believe. We got the same error on there.

I have found a couple workarounds for a Linux install but have not found any for a Windows install. We are running on Server 2012 R2. One workaround was to add the Arial font to the Linux OS, the other was to ignore the missing font. I have not found where to set this.

Any assistance would be appreciated.