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uCMDB Admin user_role problem

agah tozlu
New Member.

uCMDB Admin user_role problem

Hi everyone:
I have a serious problem here.
First, I'm new to uCMDB. 2 days before, our admin profile lost their authorization and we found that there are less conponent shown in uCMDB. We just saw IT universe manager, Modelling studio and view manager. User profile button inside the settings button not even shown in our admin role. Also we tr,ed to use our guest account and they seems that authorization is normal and also they show their user profile on setting.
And also we tried the rollback db. After rollback in first 3 min. it was working but after that it seems false again.

Why does it happen ?and How can I solve this problem urgently?

Be very eager to get some help




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Alexander Arkhi
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Re: uCMDB Admin user_role problem

1. You can try to use pre-built administrator roles:
* admin/admin
* Administrator/Administrator
2. You can use JMX console of UCMDB to re-deploy "Basic_Security.zip" package

As for the reason of this to happen - there might be a problem with the DB (i would suggest to check cmdb.dal.log)