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uCMDB 9.x at customer in production?

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uCMDB 9.x at customer in production?

Has anybody put uCMDB 9.x at customer in production? If so, who was (reference customer prefered, but necessary) that and can you share experience with it?


Thanks a lot


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Re: uCMDB 9.x at customer in production?

Hi Christian,


If you can be more specific in your request for information I could maybe be of assistance.

I am involved in the uCMDB rollout at Rabobank in Holland.

We just finished upgrading to v9.0.3 CP9 and still going through the discovery patterns for evaluation.

So far though, uCMDB has been well embedded in the organization and is being adopted more and more by internal stakeholders as one of the authorised data providers with regard to the IT infrastructure.

We're not yet using the CM component as we should, but this is in the cards for the next half year.


For more experience information I could definitely recommend you join us on the weekly DDMA practitioner's forum led by Jody Roberts. There's quite a few people joining in a conference call to discuss issues and experiences with uCMDB as well as special presentations about the use of uCMDB and Configuration Manager.



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