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uCMDB 8.04 can not show CI Instances

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uCMDB 8.04 can not show CI Instances

Hi all uCMDB experts,

We found an interesting issue about uCMDB "case sensitive".

Issue Description:
We create a CI Type named "3g_mobile_iublink" and use uCMDB Java API to insert/update CIs.
We found when click "show CI instances" in CI Type Manager /View Manager /Query Manager, we can only see the CI amount but can not see any CIs.
But in IT Universe/View Manager/Query Manager we can preview and see the inserted/updated CIs.

Issue Root Cause:
The reason is that we used the wrong CIT name "3g_mobile_Iublink"(it should be "3g_mobile_iublink" to insert CIs when using Java API.

Issue Conclusion:
uCMDB is case sensitive. We have to make sure the uppercase/lowercase is correct, otherwise we may get some undesired results(i.e.,cannot show CI instances like us).

Hopes it can help somebody else who meet the same issue.

Thanks & BRs


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Re: uCMDB 8.04 can not show CI Instances


Even I was having questions on CI instances.I am new to cmdb.
I have created one view and have set the attributes also eg: desplay string Equal ite-ps1 in one of the CIT(J2EE Application) so that it can discover the function ite-ps1
But I am not getting how DDM will recognise this name ite-ps1 ,where do I need to define it and how.
Can you please tell me