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uCMDB 8.04 Probe-Infra.log error

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uCMDB 8.04 Probe-Infra.log error

We brought up an 8.04 env, uploaded a few custom packages to the new env, the packages failed and we are now getting the following error in the probe-infra.log and wrapperprobegw.log file.

<2010-05-18 15:10:35,991> [WARN ] [ProbeGW Touched Results Sender] (ResultTouchHandler.java:205) - sendTouchResultToServer - Retry Attempt 58

Any clue on what's going on? We also received the following error when running the custom packages:

<2010-05-18 13:25:19,613> [ERROR] [ProbeGW Task Results Sender] (TaskResultsSenderThread.java:286) - Server failed processing results for - . task ID: HR Person Discovery 00046-0006, Job ID: 'HR Person Discovery 00046-0006', Updates: 10000, Deletes: 0



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Re: uCMDB 8.04 Probe-Infra.log error

Hi ,

Did you be able to run the other jobs(out of the box) properly??

Haytham Hosny
Haytham Hosny
Oleh Boiko
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Re: uCMDB 8.04 Probe-Infra.log error

Please verify the connectivity between Probe and UCMDB server.