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uCMDB 7.02 Security


uCMDB 7.02 Security

Here is the situation. I have a custom CIT called "REGS". Users need access to view and modify CIs within the "REGS" CIT. Also, I need uses to be able to create new views using all CITs but not be able to modify them.

In Security Manager, in the View Manager tab, if I give the Root folder View, Create & Update rights, the user has access to view and update ALL CIs. If I only give rights to certain views, then the user does not have access to create new views.

In summary, I need a user to update a custom CI and create views.



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Re: uCMDB 7.02 Security

There is no way to do this. HP confirmed that there are bugs and limitations in the Security Manager.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event