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uCMDB 10.20 connection with uCMDB Browser 4.02

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uCMDB 10.20 connection with uCMDB Browser 4.02



uCMDB Browser is with connection error with uCMDB Server.


uCMDB Server was installed with password not default. I changed the password in JMX for default, but the connection isn't working. When I change the password is need to wait one time for update?


uCMDB Browser was installed in the new tomcat instance. UCMDB Browser server isn't the same server of uCMDB.


How does credentials.bin is created in uCMDB Browser?


Is there way for set the credentials.bin with the new password that the superuser of integration was defined in uCMDB Server?




Carlos Alexandre Bertaso

Honored Contributor.

Re: uCMDB 10.20 connection with uCMDB Browser 4.02

A standalone UCMDB Browser uses the Super Integration User to connect to UCMDB

By default its UISysadmin. If you change the password for UISysadmin or set another user as the Super Integration User then you must recreate the credentials.bin file in [Browser]\conf\


But first set the Super Integration User just to verify

This is done in the UCMDB JMX

UCMDB-UI:name=UCMDB Integration


use the setCMDBSuperIntegrationUser method

enter the username and password and click on Invoke


Then go to your UCMDB Browser server.

Using a text editor like notepad create a credentials.txt file in [Browser]\conf\

the contents of the file is just

user=UISysadmin (or your custom Super Integration User)


Save the file and restart UCMDB Browser
You'll see the credentials.txt file is gone after startup and the credentials.bin is updated

Rey Lejano