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uCMDB 10.11 - SM9.41 federation debug

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uCMDB 10.11 - SM9.41 federation debug

Hello Experts,

   The short question would be: how to debug ucmdb-sm Incident federation? The longer, as follows:

   I'm in the middle of getting to know why no Incidens are visible in my test view in uCMDB. The view node datasource is set to the SM intpoint. The integration point looks ok, tests ok. If I setup a simple Incident view and hit calculate number of records uCMDB crashes... Let's say it's ok, we have a larger amount of tickets in our test system (493.608). Anyway, I also tried to limit the number with some filters in the query but then I get nothing, zero number of incident records.

Making the query I saw something funny: If I look at the extaccess table ucmdbIncident object there are a number of fields from probsummary publicated via webservice (also checks out if I access it with a browser). Why can't I see the IncidentID in ucmdb if I'm building a query?

As I'm a beginner with uCMDB my question would be:

where would you start debugging? I've looked at wrapper.log, fcmdb.ftql.audit.log, cmdb.api.audit.detailed.log, no errors so far.

Should I look at the SM logs as well? Start a debugnode?

Any kind of help higly apprichiated!

BR, Dávid

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Re: uCMDB 10.11 - SM9.41 federation debug

Hello Dávid,

You should start with refining the query. Why the Node is set to the datasource? It should be:
Modeling Studio > "Resources" tab > Your Query > Select the Incident CIT > "Data Sources" tab (bottom right of the screen) > Edit > Select the Federation type Integration point

Best Regards,

Nikola Todorov
HPE Software Support

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