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uCMDB 10.10 doesn't load

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uCMDB 10.10 doesn't load

Hi experts,

I have a server with Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, I'm trying to install ucmdb 10.10, services are up.
I try to access the menu UCMDB, and starts loading components, but when it finished appears loading message and not show the menu.


Verifying the installation, apparently missing some folders like classes, and i download the media several times and install it on different servers and present the same problem.


Anyone have idea?

Dima Gomel
HPE Expert

Re: uCMDB 10.10 doesn't load

We need more info.

Are you trying to access the UII localy or from different machine?

Are you using FQDN or just a hostname?

What browser is in use?

What version of Java installed on the client side?


-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Re: uCMDB 10.10 doesn't load

I used just the hostname when I create the schema, then I've changed that for the FQDN and it works!



Thank you!!