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uCMD to SIM integration.

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uCMD to SIM integration.

Hello collegues!

Got an issue with uCMDB 10.11 integration to SIM. (CP 14 installed)

Got a SIM running on oracle DB. As far as described in manuals I've created an integration point and in credentials left "SIM database name" blank.

As a result i get an error in integration:
<log start="15:00:16" severity="warn">[SIM_Discovery.py:makeOutputXML] Exception: &lt;
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "SIM_Discovery", line 1062, in getNodeNamesFromDB
IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attribute simprotocol_dbname has no value

And that goes for SIM_discovery.py script line:


dbName = protocol.getProtocolAttribute('simprotocol_dbname') or ''



As i see, it is directly connected and somehow oracle connection is processed unvalid way.

Anyone got an idea how it should work or how to fix it?



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Re: uCMD to SIM integration.



Please copy here Integration Adapter properties here.

Especially the JVM Class path value here. 



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Re: uCMD to SIM integration.

Hello! Here are the options from integration point.
Checked that all the values are the same as in the adapter options.

Is Integration Activated:

JVM path:

CITIDentifier Map:
'Server':'host_node', 'Workstation':'host_node', 'Rack':'rack', 'Printer':'netprinter', 'Switch':'switch', 'WINNT':'nt', 'LINUX':'unix', 'HPUX':'unix', 'AIX':'unix', 'Hypervisor':'unix', 'Solaris':'unix', 'Complex':'hp_complex', 'MgmtProc':'management_processor', 'Embedded':'management_processor', 'Enclosure':'enclosure', 'Storage':'storagearray'

CITIDentifier Attribute:
'DeviceType', 'OSName'

dbIP: %IPv4%
Debug: false
ChunkSize: 500
runInSeparateProcess: true
DFP: the one that has access
Trigger CI Instance: "same CI that is the dbIP"

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Re: uCMD to SIM integration.

As a result of trouble shooting there several issues:

  • First of all remoteJVMClasspath states incorrect java lib ./runtime/probeManager/discoveryResources/db/oracle/Seropto.jar while DFP contains only ojdbc6.jar.
  • SIM_discovery script works with Oracle DB incorrectly. SQL Query  built within script flow is “select name from hpsim.dbo.devices;” and correct is “select name from devices;” The query is built for MS SQL instead of Oracle BD.
  • Also i had some issues with memory attribute of some nodes in SIM


Also HP support recomended this (as usual i guess):

Copy mxpartnerlib.jar from this directory:
         to this directory:
    b Open C:\hp\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\bin\WrapperEnv.conf for editing.
    c Comment out line ~51 with a hash sign (#) at the beginning so that it looks as follows:
    d Save and close the file.
    e Restart the Probe

Here I attach the edited script. If you want to use it - do it on your own risk.