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hp ucmdb 9.01 integration with DDMi

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hp ucmdb 9.01 integration with DDMi

Hi all,
Does anybody has any experience about this integration?

i am tring to create report on the ucmdb side by using ddmi ci. but, at the ucmdb side when i look at the cis which come from ddmi and try to crate report, i cannot add relation between ci. i just see some properties about cis. This is not efficient, i discover many data by using ddmi but i can see few of them.

Do i miss some configuration?

Thank you



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Re: hp ucmdb 9.01 integration with DDMi

DDMi (inventory) works only as server side inventory and does not help in discovery of the relationships between servers and many other elements. To have additional functionalities use DDMa (advanced).

Nagendra Swamy.