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datacenter versus location

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datacenter versus location

Ucmdb/ddma discovers "datacenters" by vmware vim connection.  Should that really be a datacenter?  I know that is the term vmware uses but it seems like ucmdb datacenter isn't what a vmware datacenter is.  Ucmdb has views for racks/servers that consists of datacenter/rack/node/pdu.   If datacenter is a vmware/virtual thing then how can rack/node/pdu be related?  Do I just need to pick one and decide to live with datacenter as either physical or virtual and build/modify the out of the box views to reflect that decision?  Does this seem confusing to anyone else or is it just me?


ucmdb 9.05.cup2.65

ddm content pack 10.01.487

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Re: datacenter versus location

You are correct about the VMware discovery.  The discovery will pull back the Datacenter objects from vCenter, and create a CI out of them.  Pretty much when the vmware discoveries jobs were created the idea was "Let's make a CI out of everything we see in vCenter since it must be important'.  That logic is sound since you make a change to a Datacenter in vCenter, and the impact should be collected in the CMS. 


Now to your other point about what about the term 'Datacenter' that is more tied to a brick-n-mortar concept.  That is fine as well, and this is why.  You can't discover the name of a brick-n-mortar datacenter in the same manner that the vmware job has.  The brick-n-mortar datacenter is something you usually create manually, and build its relationships with enrichments until the automated parts click in.  So you may have multiple 'Datacenter' CIs, but they won't show up as connected if the context is incorrect.  This means you can create a San Fran Datacenter and link it to racks, hvacs, whatever, and still maintain the logical datacenter that vmware has listed in vCenter since the vCenter datacenter is only tied to the virtual CIs.  Unless you manually link the rack to the vmware datacenter it won't exist.  So when you create views it won't be a problem.  If you have people who want more clarity you could add an enrichment that puts the word (logical) next to the vmware datacenter display name so people don't confuse them if they were looking at a list of Datacenter CIs only.