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create visualization of some system's hierarchy

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create visualization of some system's hierarchy


There is a distributed system with hierarchial structure (relations like parent->child with one main (top) element)
This structure is defined in external MS SQL DB
I'd like to visualize this structure in ucmdb
Which ways I can use?
I've created CI Type for element of this structure and federation rule for retrieving data from MS SQL. Data are retrived finely.
In element CIT I've created two additional attributes: elem_id and elem_parent_id. Elem_parent_id is ID of parent element in hierarchy. Data for both attributes are retrieved from MS SQL DB
Then I've tried:
1) to create enrichment rule (twice selected the same CIT and created Virtual-join between them (in TQL mode), and create parent relation link in enrich mode), which should create relation link between parent and child. But error is occured when I try to use "show element instances" - general error in data storage. In details of error i can see smth like this
Caused by: org.hibernate.hql.ast.QuerySyntaxException: elem_join_f_elem is not mapped [SELECT new com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.dbAdapter.dal.dynamic_classes.ShallowLink(l.id, 'join_f', l.end1.id, 'elem', l.end2.id, 'elem') FROM elem_join_f_elem l INNER JOIN l.end1 e1 INNER JOIN l.end2 e2 WHERE 1=1 ]

2) I've tried to create required relations via federation itself.
I created two different CIT (first - parent, second - child) and mapped needed attributes using foreign-primary-key in simplifiedConfiguration.xml file.
Partially i've get what I want. Partially - because all relations are divided on multiple blocks - one instance of CI as parent, and one or several instances as children. So many instances are shown in a screen twice: parent in one block and child in another block

What is the right way in my case?





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Alexander Arkhi
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Re: create visualization of some system's hierarchy

Can you identify a bit clearly what you're trying to model?
In order to make sure that you configuration is proper, we need to understand:
* What exactly do you have?
* What exactly do you need?
* What's the gap between first 2 items?

Also, you may consider possibility to attach the maps you have and maps you expect to have.
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Re: create visualization of some system's hierarchy

1. I have a system (abstract), which has hierarchical structure like that
element1_level1 element2_level1
| |
/\ /\
elem1_lev2 elem2_lev2 elem3_lev2 elem4_lev2

Elements from different levels have relation of type "parent". All elements are the same type (it may be, for example, destributed monitoring system, where each of servers (elements) do the same thing, but results send up to level0 server)
So, this structure is defined in database, i.e. i have ID of all elements and ID of parent element for each element.

Also I have ucmdb v8.0

2. My goal - to show this structure using UCMDB capabilities. I want to see a picture with this hierarchy. Really it's only a part of finite goal, but it's the first main part.

3. The gap between 1 and 2 is misundestanding how to reach my goal.