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aging mechanism

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aging mechanism

Hello expert,


We want to keep the discovered data like CIs, relationship in UCMDB, as special reason, the discovery is just performed once, then the data will nerver be changed/updated. So i disable aging mechanism, will it keep the old discovery all the time in UCMDB? or whether we need to perform other actions so that the CIs remain permanent?

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Re: aging mechanism



Be aware that the adapter used by your discovering jobs has the parameter "aging mechanism" enabled, because if it is, this parameter take over the system option in LifeCycle's => even if this sytem option is deactivated, if the adapter permit aging on the ci's discovered by him, aging and auto deletion will apply ....


So, take a look at the adapter config and modify according your need ...

Dima Gomel
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Re: aging mechanism

AFAIK, adapter setting is giving you option to disable aging for specific discovered CIT. Turning Aging off in Lifecycle management is triggering of the mechanism of deletion. Totally.

I'm not sure, why you want to populate CIs only once, but please be aware, that UCMDB can't work properly with aging turned off. This is part of the functionality.

So, either new CIs or updates will come time to time, I'd suggest considering of option to turning Aging off for cpecific CITs only.

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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