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adding uCMDB relationships using CIT 9.40

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adding uCMDB relationships using CIT 9.40



We have different types of CIs like business services, application data, circuits, host, node, computer, storage etc which are added in uCMDB from the xls sheet using CIT scenario.


Now we have another spreadsheet with the relationship information among above types of CIs but I am not sure how can we add these relationships using the CIT. CIT scenario require a specific uCMDB query but there is no generalize relationship query exist for uCMDB.


Ones which exist in uCMDB are like applicationRelationsData, hostRelationsData and businessServiceRelationsData but my spreadsheet contains the mixture of relationships like business service to business services, BS to Host, Host to App, Host to Host etc, so using any of the above uCMDB query in CIT doens't solve the purpose.


I guess there must be a generalized query in uCMDB which can be used as if we try to import data from excel directly in uCMDB using the "generic database adapter" provided by uCMDB, we do not need to specify any query and uCMDB sorts out relationships automatically.