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View based on Volume "Percent" free space

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View based on Volume "Percent" free space



Using discovery/inventory based, Ci's type "Physical Volume" appears, with some very interesting attributes, such as "Free sapce" or "disk space usage" ....


I want to create a view selecting information base on the "percent left space" < 15% (example) .... but nowhere i find any attribute representing a ratio (usage or free left space) .... and so i cannot used a query as design ....


So what are possibilities for me ? create a new attribute, automatically calculated ? how can i do that ?

Is new impact rule (in configuration manager) can "resolve" what i want to do ?


thanks in advance for your help !

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Re: View based on Volume "Percent" free space

Hi Esposito,


I have the same requirement. did you mange to create a view. if so, could you please help me in creating the same ..




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Re: View based on Volume "Percent" free space

Hello !


There is 2 CI's types :  the name of CIT : Logical Volume and File System

 - in LogicalVolume you have the really amount of space (free and usage) appearing in MB

 - In Filesystem, the attribute "FreeSpaceAvailable" represent exactly the percentage


Hope this helps,